Some airlines slapping hefty fines on travelers

If you’re planning on hitting the skies anytime soon, you may have to pay for more than just your ticket.

You’ll want to avoid several things, including a $100 carry-on fee. Spirit Airlines charges that each way for a carry-on bag if you wait to pay for it at the airport gate.

If you’re flying American, Delta, United, or U.S. Airways, it will cost you $200 to change the dates of your flight or cancel it.

Plus, if you decide to change it over the phone, you’ll pay an additional $20 to $25. But, if you change your flight online, there’s no additional cost.

And if your baggage is over the allowed limit of 50 lbs, you’ll have to shell out $200 for that, too, if you’re flying on Delta. That’s in addition to the regular checked baggage fee of $25 for your first checked bag, and $35 for a second.

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