Book Lover’s Corner: “Roxy and her annoying little brother, Stuey”

(WTNH)– Farmington author Teresa Pelham and her 12-year-old son, Carter, have teamed up to publish a children’s book entitled “Roxy and Her Annoying Little Brother, Stuey.”

The book is a sequel to Teresa’s first book, “Roxy’s Forever Home,” benefiting dog rescue.

Roxy is a certified therapy dog and has visited dozens of Connecticut schools. Teresa’s presentation includes lessons in writing and dog rescue.  Teresa has been able to donate over $10,000 to Emily’s Friends Rescue, based in Farmington and in the South.

Carter, a seventh grader and an avid catch-and-release fisherman, illustrated the book using oil pastels. He might say that working with his mom was not as fun as he’d imagined. Roxy and Stuey were both found by the side of the road in Tennessee. Roxy is four and Stuey is three.

For more information on the books and dog rescues, go to

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