Police: man who accidentally fired gun is cooperative

MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — You wouldn’t know it now, but the Lake Ridge condominium complex in Meriden was a center of police activity.

The reason: neighbors tell us a bullet went flying inside one of the buildings on Sunday. “There were undercover cop cars here, regular cops, I think even the chief was here at one point,” said complex resident Justin Arroyo.

Officials with law enforcement tell News 8 it happened when someone upstairs accidentally shot their gun into the floor as they were cleaning it. It was a shot that sent the bullet into the closet of a child’s bedroom next door.

“What separates that closet door from my mother’s closet is just a thin wall, so you know what I mean. It could have ended up in our house, which is crazy, you know,” said Arroyo.

Meriden Police say the man responsible is Kahled Elmorsy. He has been charged with unlawful dischargeof a firearm and reckless endangerment. Those that live in the neighborhood say Elmorsy is an individual known well to those who call the complex home.

“He seemed very nice from what I saw,” said neighbor Angelina Saunders. “Very kind man.” Elmorsy is out on $5,000 bond, so News 8 tried to speak with him to find out what he thinks happened. But he was not home when we stopped by.

Meriden Police tell us Elmorsy has been cooperative in their investigation.

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