Video: man loses weight eating McDonald’s

(WTNH)– A teacher from Iowa challenged his students to design his diet plan about a year ago. But the food they had to design the diet around isn’t your typical health food.

Rather than dieting with fruits and veggies, he lost weight from eating fast food from McDonald’s. John Cisna decided to use this weight loss as an opportunity to teach his biology class a lesson. Now Cisna travels the county to share his experience.

The students had to design a diet plan where Cisna only at 2,000 calories a day. The first three months, he walked 45 minutes a day. As he lost weight, he changed his workout plan. After 90 days, his students had to combine McDonald’s fatty food like Big Macs and Quarter Pounders.

Today, Cisna is 62 pounds lighter, his cholesterol has lowered 79 points and his blood pressure is 121 over 78. He still eats McDonald’s at least once a day, but he doesn’t market McDonald’s as a diet plan.

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