Thinking ‘green’ about blacktop

PLAINVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — It may look like just another parking lot, but a project underway at a park in Plainvlle is actually designed to help the environment.

Today marks day four of a paving project at Trumbull Park. When it’s done the parking lot will have 4,000 square feet of special asphalt that experts say will help cut costs for storm water management in the future by curbing the amount of runoff making its way into nearby waterways.

The Connecticut Fund for the Environment will install a permeable pavement parking lot. It’s 4,000 square feet of porous asphalt, which will allow more than 414,000 gallons of rainfall to infiltrate into the ground every year. Doing this avoids the need for more costly storm water management construction.

This is all part of Save the Sound’s Quinnipiac River Groundwater Recharge Project. It basically uses green infrastructure to recharge the local aquifer with water naturally filtered by the soil. There’s more information at

Crews have already begun working on the site. Construction should wrap up Friday.

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