Two car fires disrupt highway traffic

WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Two car fires disrupted travel for drivers on I-95 in Westport and Route 8 in Bridgeport Thursday.

The fire in Westport occurred around 8:45 this morning on the northbound side of the highway at Exit 18. A video feed News 8 recorded from a Department of Transportation traffic camera showed firefighters arriving on the scene and with the engine compartment engulfed in flames.

Just as firefighters are about to open the hose, there’s a small explosion that comes from the front of the vehicle, which creates an additional small ball of fire. A couple of seconds later the water hits the flames and hot metal. The resulting cloud of smoke and steam surrounded the vehicle. Within a few minutes the flames were out.

Car on fire on Route 8 southbound in Bridgeport,  Aug.
Car on fire on Route 8 southbound in Bridgeport, Aug.

Then around 1:30, a car caught on fire on Route 8 southbound between Exits 2 and 1. Police and firefighters blocked the highway and doused the flames. One lane of traffic was open just after 2:00 pm.

We don’t know how many people were in either car, or if anyone was hurt.

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