Blind man and seeing-eye dog assaulted

Lady, the seeing-eye dog beaten in Harford.
Lady, the seeing-eye dog beaten in Harford.

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) —  A blind Hartford man is beaten and attacked outside his apartment building on Sigourney Street, and the crooks even beat up his seeing-eye dog.

The alleged victim, 49-year-old Francis Shannon, says it happened last Sunday when he went to take his dog out for a walk, but he only recently told police, fearing retaliation from the men.

He says three men beat him, held a knife to his throat and took off with his wallet. He says they also kicked and beat his seeing-eye dog, Lady, until she was unconscious. “One guy starts kicking me and punching me in the stomach and in the chest and I could feel a knife up to my throat,” said Shannon.

He says when Lady was knocked out, he thought she was dead. He was overjoyed when learned she is alive and well. His guide dog is not only his best friend, but she is his eyes.

He said he hopes the police catch the men who attacked him and Lady. It’ll be tough, because, being blind, he can’t give them a description. However, he says he recognizes the voices of the men who attacked him because they hang out regularly at a deli only a couple of blocks from where he lives.

He is terrified that they could come back again. But if they do, it won’t be such a sneak attack because his dog Lady will be on high alert.

“They come around her, she’s going to let me know. She’s going to be whining. She’s going to be barking,” said Shannon. “She has a good memory.”

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