The 192nd Engineer Batallion: serving the U.S. in need

national guard

STRATFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Staff Sgt. Ronald Patterson Jr., killed in a crash earlier this week, served in the 192nd Engineer Battalion, based in Stratford.

The regiment has sent personnel to Iraq, cleaned up after storms and recently trained using technology for logistical purposes, in this case, responding to a storm. Those systems included Blue Force Tracker and Command Post of the Future, which the 192nd said will “allow faster responses and more efficient use of personnel and engineer assets.”

The 192nd Engineer Battalion is headquartered in Stratford and is comprised of more than 300 soldiers with a bridge unit in Putnam, a combat engineer unit in Norwich, a well-drilling detachment in New London and two fire-fighting detachments in East Lyme, according to its Website.

The 192nd Engineer Battalion is one of the oldest units in the Connecticut National Guard that was organized and federally recognized in May, 1775, according to the site.


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