Flooding causes problems around the state

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (WTNH)– News 8 reporters were out across the state all morning trying to get an idea of what it’s like in your area.

News 8’s Brian Spyros was in Old Saybrook in one neighborhood that was hit pretty hard by rain. What a difference a couple hours makes. At noon, the rain has let up in Old Saybrook but for many the damage has been done. This weather has not only put a damper on vacation, but people property as well.

When it comes to all the rain that fell throughout Connecticut this morning, you either had to drive in it or were forced to stay inside.

“I have a closer view of the water than I ever expected,” said Pat Delcioppo, Venice Florida.

Photos: Flooding and Storm Damage

“I said the yard is going to be flooded and it was starting to flood, I knew it would get much worse,” said Pat Hale, Old Saybrook.

Pat Hale has a beach home right on the water in Old Saybrook. But Wednesday she wasn’t focused on her usual ocean view but rather what was going on in the backyard.

“We’re lower than the surrounding road, storm drains are ineffective, it runs right into the yard,” said Hale. road flooding

And what she is left with is flooding. In some places the water is several inches deep.  All the water isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Homeowners in the area say often times when it rains this hard it takes days for the water to recede. Certainly not the forecast kids wanted to see, as they try to enjoy the rest of their summer break.

“We were supposed to go play tennis and hit up the beach. I guess we still can but it would be wet,” said a kid.

“I’m from California so I’m not used to this. We’re in the middle of the drought right now,” said another kid.

“We might go kayaking in the backyard later,” said a young girl .

In many cities and towns, roads were flooded with water that couldn’t drain fast enough. On the highways, drivers had to take it easy to avoid hydroplaning. And while this weather is certainly for the birds, people are taking it in stride.

“You gotta plan rainy day activities. Today we’re planning to see a movie or two or take a ride up to the casino,” said  Delcioppo.

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