Infant’s body found in trash can in East Hartford

EAST HARTFORD, Conn (WTNH) — East Hartford police tells News 8 that a baby’s body was found in a trash can at a home in East Hartford, yesterday evening. trash can

Police are investigating the death of a baby found in a garbage can outside of a home on Tolland Street, after a doctor at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center called police around 8:30 Tuesday evening.

“We were notified by a doctor at CCMC that an 18-year-old was at the hospital showing signs of giving birth but had no baby,” said Sgt. Michael DeMaine, East Hartford Police.

Police officers were then dispatched to 1047 Tolland Street.

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“After that notification, our officers did a check welfare at the18-year-old’s residence,” said DeMaine. “The search of the area and the house was completed and a deceased baby was found in the outside garbage can.”

Neighbors reacted to the news.

“That is really unfortunate and a sad situation,” said a resident.

“They are a regular family, it is crazy something like that can happen to anybody,” said Alex Thomas, East Hartford.

The medical examiner is performing an autopsy. Police have not said if the 18-year-old is being charged and they have not released the gender of the baby or how old it was. Evidence is being processed and police continue to investigate.

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