Fence removal, new road, stirring Hamden/New Haven neighbors

HAMDEN/NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — More than 400 feet of fence put up decades ago on Woodin Street along the Hamden/New Haven Line is now torn down.

What’s left is a small chain link fence, but that’s temporary. Plans are to build a road from New Haven for a more direct route to Hamden.

What’s not going away is a neighborhood fight against it.

Brian Massey and Karen Dwyer live on the street beside the property where new housing developments are being built on the New Haven side. The development requires a connector and driveways for homeownership units.

Dwyer said, “I don’t see how this little two-lane road is going to support all that, and they’re not giving us any information from the town of Hamden and city of New Haven as to who is going to be responsible for maintaining all of this.”

They are circulating a petition, sending it to the Housing Authority of New Haven, behind this multi-million dollar project.

Karen Dubois-Walton, executive director of Elm City Communities in New Haven, said, “We’ve submitted our permits, and they are working their way through the Hamden review process. Our intention is to build a safe connection that addresses any concerns Hamden has and allows us access to the public road.”

They’re working on the details with the town of Hamden on traffic and public safety concerns. “Where will street signs go, stop signs? Whether there’s a need for any traffic lights, the striping, all those that are related to traffic controls?”, neighbors said.

Meanwhile, opposition from the neighborhood will likely continue until they are satisfied with the answers.

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