Home burglars striking W. Hartford

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Police have stepped up patrols in West Hartford as they try to battle an increase in burglaries.

Lt. Ted Stoneburner, with the West Hartford Police Dept. says, “We’ve put people in plain clothes and unmarked cars in the areas, and we are out there looking for people who just don’t fit into the neighborhood.”

Police say a dangerous serial burglar who hit nearly a dozen homes is still on the run. Officers tell News 8 some thieves who don’t live in the area attempt to blend in to the neighborhood.  “We have some transients coming into town and doing and we have or home grown suspects who do it here,” says Stoneburner.

The burglars are going after anything valuable, and police say they don’t discriminate between day and night. “They are coming in at any hour- it doesn’t matter. they will knock on the door, if no one answers they may force their way in,” Stoneburner adds.

On Brace Road, a homeowner had a close encounter with a suspect. Stoneburner says, “The home owner came home and they kicked in his door and confronted them and he pursued them and tackled one of them.”

Detectives say thieves are cutting through screens, kicking in doors and using pry tools to break in.  Stoneburner tells News 8, “If you have an alarm system, a dog, motion lights, all those good things, they are probably going to move to the next house.”

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