Second store robbed in Willimantic

WILLIMANTIC, Conn. (WTNH) – It was a very scary morning for the clerk at a Willimantic gas station as she was robbed at gunpoint. Money was taken and a bit of her sense of security too.

Police say the masked man came into the Valero gas station just after seven Friday morning, armed with a pistol. He forced the clerk to empty the register and then go in the back room so he could escape without her seeing where he went or how he got away. Willimantic police say he was totally covered up wearing a ski mask, gloves and hoodie.

Willimantic resident Gregory Spinnato says, “A lot of things are being robbed around town all the time and it’s been a daily occurrence here lately. Break-ins of houses, break-ins around my property, and I get nervous.” Police are looking for leads in this robbery, which isn’t the only one to plague the city.

Spinnato says, “I know we had a couple of months ago it happened at another market around the corner from here too. I guess the sister store got robbed.’

Jeens Market on Main Street was held up by two armed men in June. One had a gun the other a knife. Fortunately no one was injured in either robbery, which do not appear to be related.

Gregory Spinnato knows the owner and some of the workers at each store. He says, “‘I’m afraid somebody’s going to get hurt or even killed unfortunately. I’d hate to see that happen but it’s gonna happen.'”

News 8 is told surveillance pictures were taken during this robbery. They haven’t been released yet. Once they are, News 8 show them to you.

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