Eye Health in Summer

New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Wearing shades in the summer isn’t just about looking cool, it’s actually really important for your eye health.

Your eyes can be affected not only by not wearing shades, but by swimming in pools, cutting the lawn and accidentally getting sunscreen in your eyes.

We’ve got your back with some tips for you to on keeping your eyes healthy as we close out summer. Dr. Tom Wohl an eye surgeon at the Fichman Eye Center to tell us what we need to look out for.


Shade tints of sun glasses don’t really matter as far as eye health, but can become important at particular times of the day. Some yellow tinted shes will block blue lights and make it easier to see at night.  Darker tints can help for sunny days and sensitivity to light. Make sure you purchase shades that say they block 99% – 100% of UVA and UVB rays.


Make sure pools and hot tubs are properly chlorinated to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing that could infect your eye.

Sunscreen in Eyes:

It can cause the surface of the cornea to peel off and erode. So make sure to wash out your eyes right away if you get anything in your eyes.

Lawn Care:

Make sure to wear eye protection because when you are mowing the lawn or weed whacking, debris can fly into your eyes.

Dr. Wohl also recommends using water based makeup because it’s safer for the eyes. Also, the simple task of staying hydrated can keep your eyes healthy.


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