Fixing Your Vision With Epi-LASIK.

(WTNH)– Ophthalmologist Jeffrey D. Gold, MD from Liberty Vision and his patient, registered Nurse at YNHH Arlene Grasser, RN, talk Epi-LASIK.

Liberty Vision is unique in that Dr. Gold does all pre-operative testing, the surgery, and all post-operative care personally. One certified ophthalmic assistant takes care of all the details as to scheduling, prescriptions, etc.  She has personally had the surgery.

Dr. Gold has performed vision correction surgery for six family members. Epi-LASIK is inherently safer than LASIK because it involves no cutting. Liberty Vision is A 2014 winner of Advocate Award for Best LASIK

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is a board certified and award winning Ophthalmologist who has been changing the lives of patients for over 35 years. At his office, he performs a variety of custom and standard laser vision correction procedures including LASIK, PRK and Epi-LASIK (Advanced Surface Ablation). He has performed more than 10,000 LASIK procedures and over 1,000 PRK and Epi-LASIK procedures while receiving many awards for his work.

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