Clinton police, family want teen to come home

CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) —  “Sam, please come home we are so worried about you.”

A plea from sister Kate to her 16-year-old brother, Sam. Sam Foley went missing last Friday, from Clinton. Police have issued a Silver Alert and the family is worried because he has special needs and is very vulnerable.

“He was at home alone for very short amount of time maybe half an hour and when my brother Ben came home. Sam and the bike and his helmet were gone,” the family said.

As soon as Sam went missing his brother and sisters got together and started searching Clinton and found his bike behind the church over here on Route 1. They went to the CVS to look at the surveillance video and CVS helped them out. The video shows Sam using the phone up at the front counter.

Link: SamFoleyMissing-1.docx

They figured out that he called a cab, went to New Haven and got on a train. Here is the Amtrak surveillance video of Sam going to the station. They have tracked him to 125th street in New York City.

“The family’s been a great help. They’ve actually gone down to New York City they were able to confirm by looking at videos at the MTA that in fact it was the train at 125th,” police said.

He stepped off the train and disappeared into the city last Friday and hasn’t been heard from since. The family says he is very smart and capable of surviving on his own.

“We believe he does not have any communication, he does not have a phone, does not have access to a computer to our knowledge,” they said.

The family has been reaching out to people on social media posting messages and pleas for him to call or come home.

“We want to take care of you and want to give you the love that you need. I want to assure you that you’re not in trouble. You need to come home,” they said.

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