Gourmet Heaven stores to close

Gourmet Heaven store in New Haven (file).
Gourmet Heaven store in New Haven (file).

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– One store closes, two more open in New Haven’s Broadway shopping and dining district.

On June 30, 2015, Gourmet Heaven will close both its Broadway and Whitney Avenue stores. The lease was set to expire in two years, but Yale University Properties announced it will end the store’s lease in June of next year because of the continued mistreatment of workers at Gourmet Heaven.

Last November, workers who came forward to the state Department of Labor revealed that they were being paid wages as low as $4.44 an hour and were working 72-hour weeks without overtime pay.

Meanwhile, two new stores are set to open at the 1 Broadway location. International retailer Emporium DNA and Kiko Milano will share the space. Kiko Milano is an affordable cosmetics brand from Italy, while Emporium DNA features contemporary apparel and accessories brands.

Also, happening off of Broadway, a Mario Batali restaurant named “Tarry Lodge” will open its doors at 278 Park St.

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