Move-in day at Yale

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s move in day for the class of 2018 across Connecticut. At Yale University in New Haven, the seniors are giving the freshmen class a helping hand.

“I look back at my freshman year and remember all of the people who helped me move in and so each time I try to come back and volunteer to greet the freshman and make them feel welcome and make their families feel welcome,” said James Knight, a senior at Yale.

“They are unloading my stuff for me and taking it up to my dorm room and making my life a lot easier,” newcomer to Yale Sierra Baer said.

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Freshmen tell us they’re ready to explore New Haven. “I am excited to see the town and like go around,” Travis Brady said. “I heard there is a lot of good food and that is what I am excited to do.”

The downtown area was packed with students ready to start the school year. Police closed off a section of College Street to make the unloading and moving in a bit easier.

“It is really fun, it is really interesting, it’s an experience for everybody,” Eric Devilliers said. “It is one that takes a long time, not just today. It is two weeks of getting things together and managing classes.”

Some parents came all the way from Europe. “We came into Boston from Munich on Monday and stayed in Boston to make purchases; you need so much things,” said Peter Zoubek.

How do they plan to keep in touch with their kids? “Skype and phone, and I have an American phone so it is not so expensive,” Angelika Zoubek said.

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