Space camp for teachers

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Taking teaching lessons from outer space, or at least from those who have been there.  We are talking about a program being offered to teachers that has educators spend five days in Hunstville, Ala., at the world’s premiere learning center on all things out of this world.

Two teachers that went to that camp and say they are going to be taking what they learned there and bring it to their classrooms right here in Connecticut. Tara Wilcox from the Dolan Middle School in Stamford and Robin Ledversis from the Forbes School in Torrington say it was an experience of a lifetime.

The trip to space camp focused on STEM Education: science, technology, engineering and math. These subjects are the being pushed in the schools because that’s where all the jobs are. It’s important for kids to get a hands on learning experience.

Team work is also important and that was something the teachers say they learned first hand.

Tara is a librarian at Dolan Middle School. She says that the Space Academy offered excellent problem solving activities. She also got first person perspectives on the race to the moon and continuing journeys into space, as well the best leadership training that she has ever experienced.

She was put into teams from all over the states and the world. She had to learn how to work together and communicate even with teachers where English was their second language.  This was challenging but they really learned better communication skills.  They also discovered how much they have in common.

She’ll be working with science and math teachers to show them what she learned, and encouraging students to take risks and discover themselves.

Tara says she went out of her comfort zone to try these projects. She built rockets, took part in a simulated helicopter crash and more. She learned that there are many ways to solve problems. She says that engineering is a great way to learn how to solve problems in many different ways.

There was an application process to joining this camp for Honeywell to pay for it all.

Space academy is available to students as well, but it’s not paid for by Honeywell, but there are scholarships available.

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