Summer Beauty Tip: Feed Your Skin

(WTNH)– What’s the secret to gorgeous, glowing skin? It might be sitting on your dinner table.

Cook up a few sweet potatoes. They contain beta-carotene which balances the skin’s pH level, fighting off dryness. Citrus fruits shield your skin from the sun. They contain bioflavonoids that block UV rays and prevent cell death. And don’t be afraid to indulge in some dark chocolate. It has flavonoids that prevent some types of skin damage, including sun burns.

After a meal, pour yourself a cup of tea. Rich in polyphenols, some studies show green tea can prevent non-melanoma skin cancers. Also, stay away from white breads, pasta and sugar. When broken down by the body, they leave byproducts that cause collagen to become inflamed and stiff, resulting in wrinkles.

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