First gubernatorial debate held in Norwich

NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH)– Supporters of Republican Tom Foley lined up early Wednesday night for the first gubernatorial debate in Norwich. They are united in the Republican belief that Foley’s near miss four years ago and Governor Malloy’s low approval numbers will translate into a Republican victory this time.

But the Democrats know that their much higher voter registration numbers, coupled with TV ads describing Foley as a heartless businessman, could tilt the election their way this fall. The two men spent a good deal of time talking about the gun law passed in the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook. It’s an issue that is expected to play a crucial role in the campaign.

“What we’ve done is make Connecticut safer and I can point to real statistics, Tom. Crime is down to a 45 year low. Homicides are down only the fourth time in 45 years that homicides have been less than a hundred and there were 83,” said Governor Malloy during an exchange during the debate.

“I don’t think we are safer based on the bill he passed and in passing this bill, I don’t know what his motive was for over reaching….this was so over reaching that it way way beyond what would have been, I believe, an appropriate response to Newtown,” retorted Foley.

And Foley says Malloy has failed to address the state’s principal problem.

“Under Governor Malloy, he’s failed to do anything about state spending so it’s skyrocketing, it’s gone up 16 percent while he’s been governor…over $3 billion,” charged Foley.

Malloy came right back saying; “in point of fact spending under my administration of state dollars is going up far slower than John Rowland, who you supported or Governor Rell, who you supported.

This was the first of at least seven debates and combined with all the TV ads you’ll be seeing and hearing something about this race just about everyday for the next ten weeks.

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