Gun advocacy group endorses Tom Foley for governor

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–The state’s largest 2nd Amendment rights organization has announced it is endorsing Republican Tom Foley for Governor. It virtually assures that this fall’s election will become a referendum on the state’s new gun control laws.

The “Connecticut Citizens Defense League” known as the “CCDL,” was able to turn out record numbers of gun owners at the state capitol last year urging lawmakers to vote ‘no’ on the gun control measures authored in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings.

In the sixteen months since the bill passed, the “CCDL” has grown to more than 15,000 members.

Republican Tom Foley has stated he would not initiate a repeal of those laws but has said repeatedly they were an over-reaction to Sandy Hook.
Scott Wilson is one of the founding members of the CCDL and is currently its president.

“Tom has stated to the media and to gun owners in Connecticut that he would stand by and respect our 2nd Amendment rights,” said Wilson.

The endorsement of Foley comes despite the fact that Tea Party Republican Joe Visconti has made repealing part of the law the centerpiece of his petitioning campaign for Governor.

In his TV commercial slated to run on the ‘Outdoor Channel’ Visconti says “I’m Joe Visconti and I’m running for Governor of Connecticut because the 2nd Amendment has been violated by Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy.”

A spokesperson for Foley said today that they welcome the support of the CCDL. The Malloy campaign called the CCDL a “extreme right-wing advocacy group.”

Wilson says, “His portrayal of members of our organization as extremist is unfair. Our members are everyday people that go to work and have jobs nad raise their children just like everybody else.”

He also said that CCDL members would be wasting their vote if they voted for Visconti.

In his TV commercial, Visconti is seen getting out of his gun ladden car and opening his jacket to expose a holstered handgun and saying, “Remember what one day is your neighbor’s problem cna easily become yours. I’m Joe Visconti and I approve this message.”

The pro-gun control groups also brought out huge numbers to the Capitol last year in support of the new laws and they have lined up and are supporting Governor Malloy.

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