Report It Recap – Aug. 29, 2014

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — This week’s Report!t Recap is a story about beginnings and endings — the excitement surrounding the fresh start of a new school year and the realization we’ve hit the twilight of summer’s dog days. Speaking of dogs, there are plenty of them, too. We’ll get to that in a minute.

We got some video and several pictures of the fire that destroyed Delaney’s in New Haven’s Westville section Monday evening.

Tuesday, several of you sent pictures from Naugatuck, where a train hit and killed a person.

And on Wednesday, we got a number of shots from I-95 in New Haven, the site of a deadly crash which shut down the highway for hours during the morning commute.

They were all big stories, but the biggest story in many of your lives — Back to School. We got shots of kids going to Pre-K and college and every grade level in between. We saw a few teachers, but mostly students holding signs and showing off their brand new backpacks..

We also got so many shots of dogs to mark National Dog Day, which was Tuesday.

And you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This week’s Report!t Recap is no exception. We highlight a few of the creative ways you helped raise money and awareness, and got really, really wet in the process.

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