Entrepreneur talks “crowdfunding” reality TV show

(WTNH)– A UConn graduate, Manolis Sfinarolakis, who after several jobs in the real world, decided to become an entrepreneur. He’s putting his heart and soul into reality crowd TV and is traveling the country talking about it.

What is it? A reality TV show about the journey of entrepreneurs crowdfunding their new ideas.

“Crowdfunding is the new phenomenon that really began in 2009. Take the concept of passing the basket around at church where a group of people contribute to an individual with a need, put that concept online, apply it to other things, other charities, such as small businesses, art, music and film. You have these websites now that are allowing creators, creative people that are allowing entrepreneurs and they are still allowing non-profits to market themselves in a new way in order to promote their interests in art and music, and really what I like to call what’s happening now is the new Renaissance. I like to think that if Leonardo DiVinci was alive today, he wouldn’t need the Medici family, because the world is your patron. With crowdfunding you can go online and promote your passion and there’s not doubt that there’s so many people in this world that someone will be passionate about the same things you are. It’s a new way to market,” said Sfinarolakis.

He continues, “it’s a new way to market and see that’s the misconception of crowdfunding at present because it’s fairly new. Most people believe that if they just put their product online on a website, great idea one day and a week later you’re marketing yourself online. They go up, they say oh man why aren’t the marketing angels coming down to save me. Why isn’t anyone contributing to my campaign and the misconception of that is that it isn’t a magic place where you just get funded with little effort.”

His online show will take innovators though the steps of being successful at crowdfunding.

For information, go to realitycrowdtv.com.

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