Family, woman attacked by rabid bobcat

LEBANON, Conn. (WTNH)– A bobcat that reportedly attacked several people this weekend has tested positive for rabies. The animal attacked a woman and another couple carrying their baby.

On Sunday night, Summer Berube and her husband decided to take a walk with their six-month-old daughter and to do a good deed, pick up some trash but that is where they ran into trouble.

Standing next to her garbage bin Berube tells News 8, “we actually picked up three bags of trash and that mailbox.”

It was that newspaper box her husband Tom used to fight off the bobcat. Their six-month-old daughter Neave strapped to his chest.

Berube says, “at first we just thought oh that’s interesting, some wildlife but we didn’t think that it would be coming toward us and when it started walking it picked up its pace and started running toward my husband.”

He hit the bobcat but it kept coming.

Bobcat attack victim
Bobcat attack victim

“He knocked it down and it fell on its back and kind of rolled it’s eyes a little bit and then quickly hopped back up,” says Berube.

Fortunately a neighbor heard her cries for help and positioned his pick up truck between them and the bobcat but the animal went under it forcing Tom to hop up onto the bed of the truck to get away.

Berube describes the narrow escape, “while he was wearing the baby and he had to jump in backwards because he had the baby on the front and the truck was lifted.”

A short time later, EnCon officers who had stayed in the area after a Bozrah woman was bitten by a bobcat the day before cornered the animal and euthanized it.

Bobcats don’t usually attack people but testing showed this one was rabid.

LINK: Signs of rabies in humans

Berube says, “tt could have ended up completely differently for Tom and Neave and for myself everyone is safe.”

Again bobcats are not usually aggressive toward people but also again they are wildlife which can sometimes be unpredictable.

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