Break-in leaves home with thousands in damage

NORTH STONINGTON, Conn. (WTNH)– State police are investigating a break-in at a North Stonington home which left it in pretty rough shape.

The house on Wintechog Hill Road sits far enough back from the road that whoever did the damage was able to do so without anyone noticing.

Patrick Gahagan of North Stonington says, “I’d hate to have it happen to us very upsetting.”

Neighbors are not happy to hear what happened at the home sometime around Labor Day Weekend. While the homeowners were away, the vandals played and reportedly did thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“Very upsetting yes very upsetting and hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else,” said Sheila McKenna-Gahagan, of North Stonington.

Even from a distance you can see spray painted walls in the living room and according to “The Day of New London” there was about $10,000 in property damage.

“Nowadays you’ve got to have cameras or something in your house to make sure everything is okay,” says McKenna-Gahagan.

While some items may have been taken from the home, News 8 has learned this home may have not been vandalized more than burglarized.

Gahagan says, “people work too hard for what they got and for… just try to take it away from them like that it’s not right.”

State police believe that the damage happened sometime between August 28th and September 2nd so if you know anything give them a call.

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