Frantic 911 calls released in McDonald’s fatal stabbing

Vero Beach McDonald's
Vero Beach McDonald's

(WTNH)– Frantic 911 calls have been released after a Farmington man was stabbed at a McDonald’s in Florida.

28-year-old Kevin Adorno was riding his bicycle from Maryland to Miami to propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he never made it.

Kevin Adorno and fiance
Kevin Adorno and fiance

Original Story: Farmington man stabbed to death at FL McDonald’s
He was stabbed several times by 59-year-old Rene Herrera Cruz outside a Florida McDonald’s. Cruz is homeless and said he did it because Adorno was on the phone and he thought he was telling people to come attack him.

Friends and family describe Adorno as an outgoing and thoughtful guy. He graduated from Farmington High School in 2004.

Listen to the 911 Call here: Mcdonalds 911 call

Below is one of the 911 calls:

Dispatcher: 911
Caller: I need an ambulance at the McDonald’s on U.S. 1 right across the street from Burger King.
Someone got stabbed in the heart. Immediately.
Dispatcher: Ok, We’ll get right over there.
Caller: He’s going into cardiac arrest, please.
Dispatcher: Hold On
Caller: Please get an ambulance here.


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