Video: Baby Saved by Smartphone App

(WTNH)– In Washington a mechanic’s quick action helped save a child’s life thanks to a smartphone app.

It started inside a Spokane, Washington shop that sells ballet slippers and tutus. A store clerk, Lesley Reckord, heard that a baby was turning blue and called 911. Lesley, a former lifeguard, put one-month-old Nolan on the ground and began rescue breathing.

Meanwhile two blocks away, Master Technician Jeff Olson was working on a car when his cell phone went off.  And so Olson, who’s a volunteer EMT for Deer Park Ambulance left his garage and raced to the dance shop. Olson knew his life saving skills were needed because he had registered his phone with the Pulse Point app.

While fire paramedics were still several minutes away, the app put Olson in the right place at the right time to keep Nolan alive.

What happened to Nolan is the very first save since the Spokane Fire Department connected Pulse Point to its dispatch center.

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