Video: 3-Year-Old Boy Recieves Ironman-Like Hand

(WTNH)– A little boy born without fingers got a robotic hand thanks to a 3D printer.

Three-year-old Rayden Kahae is a happy and loving child, but the boy they call “Bubba” has always been different from the rest of the neighborhood kids in Wailuku, Hawaii.

Several months ago, Rulan Waikiki discovered an exciting option for her grandson on the internet with a group called E-Nable. It was a life changing discovery. For years, patients spent up to $40,000 for a commercially made prosthetic hand, but thanks to 3 D printing technology, a mechanical body-powered hand costs only $50 to build.

Last week, Bubba’s “Ironman” hand arrived in the mail. His Dad Moses captured the special moment on camera. And instead of reaching for a ball or a toy, Bubba held his own hand.

The non-profit group E-nable which operates off donations and the expertise of volunteers provided Bubba’s hand at no cost.

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