Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins joins News 8 dawn patrol from New York City, where he was a 3-time Emmy Award winner for Best Newscast. Jim was the main anchor at WPIX-TV, after he’d been the weekend anchor at WNBC-TV and host of CNBC’s “Great Stuff.” Jim’s TV news journey started in a small rural market as an anchor and reporter in Kingsport, Tennessee (WKPT-TV), before moving to Nashville (anchor, WTVF-TV), Boston (host, WBZ-TV’s Evening Magazine), Los Angeles (correspondent, FOX Television’s nationally syndicated Entertainment Daily Journal and Philadelphia (anchor, WPHL-TV).

In 2001, Jim distinguished himself as the Tribune network’s lead anchor during the 9/11 tragedy, remaining on the air continuously that day and the four days that followed. As a breaking news reporter, added a personal touch to the horrific events of 9/11 when he left the studio to usher in a pregnant woman, searching for her husband — the first of hundreds to follow as people rushed to TV news outlets hoping to publicize their plight and their search for loved ones. Jim stayed with the story of this newly-wed young woman’s frantic — and ultimately futile—search for her husband. From the day the towers fell, Jim gave viewers daily then weekly updates on this pregnant school teacher now widowed; and then the birth, six months later, of her fatherless child.

Jim is a passionate follower of politics and has actively covered numerous political campaigns at state and national levels.

Jim is an active participant in many charities and community events, often emceeing or hosting events for organizations Project ALS, Special Olympics, Principal For A Day, The Leukemia Society, Autism Speaks, and the Connecticut Center for Child Development.

Watkins lives on the Connecticut shoreline with his wife and 3 boys.