Burst of Snow affects Morning Commute

It was quite an exciting morning of weather here in Connecticut.  A narrow band of heavy snow moved across the state from west to east creating about 1-2 hours of difficult conditions on the roads at the height of the morning commute. I found this snow event to quite exciting for a number of reasons. First of all was the fact that the wind was actually blowing from the south and southwest for most of this event which is unusual for a snow event but given the arctic air mass that was already in place it was possible to have a southwest flow and still have a storm that was entirely snow. I think the most exciting part of the storm was the sharp precipitation gradient. Here in North Haven the snow started as simply flurries around 7:30 then by 8 o’clock there was already heavy snow with a coating of snow on the ground! The timing of this storm made this a very difficult call for schools this morning with most of them starting off with delays. However, in central Connecticut the snow arrived later and that caused many of those delays to be upgraded to closings.

Just as quickly as it moved in, the storm moved out and clearing continued through the afternoon. Overall here in North Haven, we received about 2 inches of snow which believe it or not is actually about the amount of snow we have had so far for the entire season in North Haven. Another shot of cold air is moving in tonight and there is the potential for more winter weather early next week.


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