Armed woman barricaded in nearby home forces Newington High into lockdown

NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH)– Newington High School was put on lockdown around 10 a.m. Wednesday because of a nearby police situation.

SWAT teams surrounded a Willard Avenue home after a family member called police, saying a woman had barricaded herself in the basement with a shotgun. No one could enter or exit the school until the all clear was given a short time later.

“They were like ‘we’re having a shelter in place; everyone can’t go out of school or come in,'” said Newington High School student Erika Fuqua.

She says students could see everything going on.

“There were cop cars in front of the yellow house, and a firefigther truck, and everyone was talking about SWAT cars,” said Fuqua.

“There was a female party that was in the basement armed with a shotgun,” said Newington police officer Jamie DeSimone. “She would not put the shot gundown. She would not come out.”

So police went in. Following protocol, all area schools were put on lockdown, and homes evacuated.

“I believe what happened was she was told to put down the shotgun and come up the stairs with her hands up in the air so we could see that she had nothing in her hands,” said DeSimone.

The woman was taken to the hospital for emotional problems. Officer DeSimone says her family helped police get a peaceful surrender.

“Two negotiators out of the three negotiators work day shift, so they were here and on scene quickly, and you can’t ask for more when nobody gets hurt,” she said.

It’s up to detectives to see if any charges will be filed.