Stamford city employee charged for sexually assaulting co-worker

Diego Norea (Photo provided by the Stamford Police Dept.)

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Stamford Police say a male city employee has been arrested for making unwarranted sexual advances toward a female co-worker.

On April 16, a 55-year-old woman made a complaint against her 41-year-old male co-worker, Diego Norena, who were both city employees who worked for the Board of Education. On that date information was compiled by the human resources department and the Stamford Police were notified.

The Stamford Police Detective bureau initiated an investigation and interviewed the victim and several coworkers. The victim relayed that as she was walking from the 5th floor to the 3rd floor of the stairwell at the Government center she was approached by Norena She attested that Norena approached her and made some sexually unwanted comments to her. At that point Norena attempted to kiss her and then he pushed her against a stairwell wall and groped her. She broke free and immediately reported the incident to a coworker and her supervisor.

The victim also relayed that Norena made unwanted sexual advances to her in October 2014. The victim relayed that he grabbed her in an office setting but she explained to him that she was not interested in him. The victim never reported this incident at that time.

Norena was interviewed and a statement was taken by the Stamford Police. He admitted to his involvement in this incident to the Police and also a supervisor who interviewed him after the incident.

On April 24, the Stamford Police applied for an arrest warrant for Norena. He turned himself in and was charged with Sexual Assault 3rd and Unlawful Restraint 2nd. A $2500 bond was levied on Norena. We also placed conditions of release that Norena have no contact with the victim. Norena was also placed on administrative leave at work.

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