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(WTNH) — Have you ever been given a “great offer” or a “hot tip” on an investment? How can you tell what’s legitimate and what’s a scam?  Scammers cheat investors out of more than $40 Billion a year, with seniors often the most common targets.   AARP Fraud Watch Volunteer Tia Murphy says older people can be at higher risk for many reasons.  Older people tend to have more assets, may be more trusting. If they are retired they may have a good size nest egg but be anxious about whether their money will last in retirement. They may be more susceptible to offers which promise high or guaranteed returns.

Think twice if you hear anything like:



Christopher Mattei Chief, of the United States Attorney’s Office says common fraudulent investments includes  “Ponzi Schemes”  – brokers/ financial advisors will take money from one client and give it to another client or into the pocket of a broker or financial advisor.  Other common schemes include: Pyramid Schemes, Advance Fee Fraud, and Pump and Dump.

Christopher says people can protect themselves in many ways.


The AARP Fraud Watch Network is a free online resource for information about how to spot and avoid scams.  You can sign up for real-time alerts about the latest scams happening in your state, and access tips and expert advice on how to protect yourself, and what to look out for to avoid being a victim.        Here in Connecticut, AARP is working as part of the Elder Justice Coalition of CT with state, federal and community organizations and law enforcement to help educate older adults and their families.  They also have trained volunteers available to give Fraud Prevention presentations to community groups and municipalities.


For more information or to sign up for the AARP Fraud Watch Network, visit If interested in scheduling a presentation for your group or organization, please contact AARP Connecticut at or 1-866-295-7279.


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