Montville woman raises money for bulletproof vest for police dog

MONTVILLE, Conn. (WTNH)–Molly is Montville’s first police dog. Her job is to sniff out drugs in cars, buildings, and on people.

News 8 was with Molly and and officer Addison Saffioti when the three year old Yellow Lab graduated from the Police academy last summer. She had the training but she didn’t have a bullet and stab proof vest.

“They’re our frontline. We have to stand behind them because when something goes wrong they’re who we call,” said Krista Verito.

Verito, a Montville resident, decided to have Molly’s back and set out to raise awareness about the Montville police department’s new member and money to get her some added protection.

“I started a GoFundMe page, I started selling t-shirts, and I went up to Stop & Shop and just handed out flyers to probably just 300 people just anyone I could see,” Verito said.

The community came through. $950 was raised for the organization Vested Interest in K9s and it donated this ballistic vest to Molly.

“I can’t say anything better about our community. They really stepped up to the plate,” Verito said.

Molly has worked out so well that the department is thinking about adding maybe another canine unit. Possibly a patrol unit which would be able to search out suspects and missing people.