Suspicious car leads to Westport drug arrest


WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — A Stratford woman is facing drug charges after a police officer went to check out a car parked at Compo Beach after hours.

Around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, a Westport officer was conducting a routine patrol when he noticed a car parked in the southwest corner of the parking lot at Compo Beach. Officials said that when the officer made contact with the driver he could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from the car. The officer also reported seeing remnants of marijuana on the center console of the car.

Police confronted 20-year-old Sarya Nieves, who was a passenger in the vehicle, along with the car’s driver, whose name was not released. According to police, Nieves admitted to the officer that she had marijuana with her while she was emptying something into her purse. Nieves then handed the policeman a plastic bag with a marijuana cigar in it.

Officials said the officer then checked the rest of her purse and found more marijuana, as well as a gold keychain pill container housing five pink pills wrapped in a baggy. Those pills were later determined to be Amphetamine / dextroamphetamine 20 mg pills; which are commonly used to treat ADHD.  A marijuana grinder was also found in the passenger side door next to Nieves.

The driver was allowed to leave, and Nieves was taken into police custody.  She was released a short time later after posting a $1,000 bond.

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