Neighbors shocked after children found dead in East Haven home

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — People who live on Strong Street in East Haven can’t believe their neighborhood turned into a crime scene Tuesday afternoon after police found two children, a five-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl, dead inside a home.

“There was ambulance, EMTs, police officers,” said East Haven resident Lisa Criscuolo. “Everyone came flying down the street.”

“When I came home the street was lined with fire engines and emergency personnel, police cars,” said neighbor Carolyn Parillo. “They cornered off my house.”

Neighbors saw the children’s mother being taken away by an ambulance.

“She got into the police car at first and then she got attended to by an EMT,” said Criscuolo.

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According to neighbors, the mother and her two children moved into the home less than a year ago. They say they hardly ever saw the mother outside, but saw the kids playing outside over the weekend and hadn’t seen them since.

“I just saw her this past weekend,” said Joseph Criscuolo. “On Saturday she was out there doing the grass and with the children.”

“They were outside playing around like normal kids do,” said Lisa Criscuolo. “They didn’t look like they were in distress or anything.”

Locals say they watch out for each other and are devastated.

“It is very, very tragic,” said Parillo. “I just can’t believe it happened so close to our home.”

“Your heart breaks for these children,” said Lisa Criscuolo. “I can’t believe it actually happened.”

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