Milford police warn businesses of utility scam

(Image: Shutterstock)

MILFORD, Conn (WTNH) — Milford police are advising businesses around town about a new utility scam.

Officials say the scammer calls posing as a electric utility provider, tempting business owners to purchase a re-loadable debit card.

Police report that the fraudster calls local Milford businesses claiming they have an outstanding balance on their electric bill. The caller then threatens to shut off the business’s electricity unless the balance is payed for.

In order to pay their balance, the caller sways the victim to purchase a re-loadable debit card, and then provide the account number to the scammer.

Officials say it is very difficult to trace the financial loss once this information is provided. Police encourage anyone who receives phone calls or emails of this nature to avoid responding and contact your local police station.

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