Hampton, Va. police assisting New Britain detectives with homicide investigation

Police in Hampton VA are searching a home where suspected New Britain serial killer William Devin Howell may have disposed of additional body parts, blood, and clothing (WAVY / Erin Kelly)

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton, Va. police say they will be closing a portion of Weaver Road while they assist New Britain police in a homicide investigation.

Weaver Road will be closed between Hickory Hill and Gumwood for the foreseeable future due an investigation, said Hampton police via a tweet Thursday morning. Motorists are advised to use an alternate route.

Hampton police confirm they are assisting New Britain police with an ongoing homicide investigation related to a crime in their jurisdiction. Sgt. Price with Hampton police says a search warrant was served at a residence located at 100 Gumwood Drive in Hampton, Thursday around 8 a.m. The search warrant allows for the search of both the home and the yard. That is the exact address where William Devin Howell, accused Connecticut serial killer, lived in 2000.

A source close to the investigation confirms to News 8’s sister station WAVY’s Deanna LeBlanc, this homicide investigation is related to Howell and police are searching for possible body parts, blood and clothing. WAVY reports investigators have brought out K-9s to the home. There is also a utility company at the scene.

Jurisdictions on scene include Hampton police, New Britain police, FBI, and Suffolk, Va. police. Sgt. Price says Suffolk police are involved because of its forensic unit. Price says depending on evidence found, it could change the parameters of the investigation.

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Police say Howell lived in Hampton on and off for a number of years, until his arrest in 2005. A cousin still in the area told News 8’s sister station, WAVY, that Howell grew up in Hampton and attended Bethel High School.

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