Couple arrested under firearms charge in West Haven

Gregory Mclaurin and Velia Portillo

WEST HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) – Police in West Haven arrested two people involved in an altercation and charged them with illegally possessing a firearm on Saturday night.

At around 2:30 a.m., West Haven Police reported to an area of the beach across from Chicks Restaurant on the report of a female screaming “No”. Officers began walking the beach and approached a couple under a wooden staircase.

As officers approached the couple, the male ran but officers caught him near East Avenue, while the female remained under the staircase. Officers found a loaded .25 caliber handgun near clothing belonging to the couple. The serial number was scratched off making it illegible, and neither person admitted ownership of the weapon.

The couple told police they met on the beach and were engaged in a sexual act.

Gregory Mclaurin, 20, of New Haven, and Velia Portillo, 24, of Bridgeport, were both were charged with Criminal Possession of Pistol, Alteration of Firearm, Illegal Carry, and Interfering with Police. Mclaurin, a convicted felon with several Felony convictions for firearm offenses was recently released on another charge on 06/24/15 from Corrections.

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