USPS Mail Carrier Caught Throwing Package

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA- Grovetown resident, Brian Preston told us that he was irritated that this motion activated camera caught his mail carrier tossing a package on the door step as she appears to be on a cell phone.

He says this package meant more to him because it was a present for our five year old son.

The package held NFL Bears memorabilia. Although they weren’t damaged, this family says they order frequently and other items COULD HAVE BEEN DAMAGED. He posted the surveillance video on our NBC 26 Facebook saying “he hopes Thursday was her last day.”

The United States Postal Service wouldn’t comment on if the mail carrier still had her job or not, but a representative sent this short statement saying…. ““The U.S. Postal Service does not condone the throwing of any mail, as a method of delivery.”

The resident says the post office manager apologized on behalf of his employee and now he’s just hoping they won’t have any more bouncing boxes in the future.

“So knowing that its under investigation and that he had the actual video proof, I feel better know that I feel like they’re going to take action”, says Brian.

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