Donald Trump gets unwelcoming message from Nashville immigration lawyer prior to visit

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In the heart of a Nashville area populated with immigrant families, there is a prominent message for Donald Trump on the eve of his weekend presidential campaign visit to Music City.

Under the sign for the Ozment Law offices at 1214 Murfreesboro Pike, the message reads “Donald Trump, make Nashville great again. Please leave soon.”

Its a play on the Trump campaign theme of “Make America Great Again!”

The sign has already gotten 70-thousand views on Facebook according to Elliott Ozment, who owns the immigration law office bearing his name.

He called it a “collaborative effort” with some close friends to come up with the message after learning that Trump was scheduled to speak this weekend in downtown Nashville.

Ozment said “it might be fun to send him a little message” which went up Tuesday.

He things there’s a “50-50 shot” that he might see it because there are only two ways to get downtown from airport’s area for private planes and “one of them is to drive right by my law office.”

“Even if he doesn’t see it, others might and tell him about it,” added Ozment.

The immigration lawyer turned serious when asked what’s behind the message wanting Trump to “leave soon.”

“That’s exactly what he told four and a half million children born in the United States who are living with undocumented parents. I don’t think it has sunk into the minds of people in America yet that he has called for U-S citizen children to be deported with their undocumented parents,” said Ozment.

Trump is scheduled to be a speaker at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies meeting in downtown Nashville this coming Saturday, August 29.

His campaign has been asked to comment on the sign and whether of not he might be driving by it.