Residents emotional after Hartford’s 24th homicide of the year

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)- The capitol city could be on track to break a record for violent crime by the end of the year.  In a matter of eight hours there were two fatal shootings in Hartford.

Reverend Henry Brown is emotional after two fatal Hartford shootings within hours of each other happening in his city.

Reverend Henry Brown has a message for city leaders.

“People need to stop looking at us  cross-eyed. We are decent human beings who are losing our lives over here and people that govern us don’t seem like they care. They use it to enhance what they are doing instead of getting to the real truth. The real truth of the matter is that a husband killed and she needs someone to be her counselor right now and why aren’t people there? This family right here that lost their young man, who’s over there comforting his family?” said Brown.

Monday night 32-year-old William Prieto was shot to death on South Prospect street.

“These are human beings that are dying every day, every day. we are not animals. Don’t portray us as animals. We are human beings and we need to start being treated like human beings,” said Rev. Henry Brown with Mothers United Against Violence.

“They said they was sitting out on their porch and someone walked up and shot him,” said Latasha Robison who lives where the shooting happened.

Residents say they heard multiple rounds go off.

“My cousin heard the shots in her room and we were sitting out here and saw all the police go back so we followed them back there and they roped it off,” said Robison.

Locals say they are concerned about their safety.

“You never know what’s going to happen when you step outside the door, I mean, anything happens now. Guys outside minding his own business and he gets shot,” said Aaron Stephens.

Then, after 8:00 this morning, Hartford police received 911 calls that a man was down on Pershing Street. Police say 32-year-old Desmond Wright was shot in the temple.

“I saw the ambulance and I was like, ‘Wow this early, that’s crazy,'” said Avaundre Frame.

Wright was transported to St. Francis hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting in the Blue Hills area is Hartford’s 24th homicide this year. Brown said he has spent countless years trying to turn the city around and stop the violence, but he can’t do it alone.

“You’ve got good people that live in Hartford. People are not gang-banging and doing all that stuff they make us out to do and we are tired of being stereotyped,” said Brown. “We are not bad people. We are citizens just like everyone that needs for someone to govern us and to look down at us and say we are going to help you you and finally end this violence.”

“It is time to get it together. This is our city and we have to take care of it,” said Robison.

Reverend Brown has a message for city leaders.

“If you love this city like you say you love it and if you say you want to do something with it, well get out here and show us you want to do something. I’m tired of seeing people on TV talking about what they are going to do in Hartford. Get out here where these people live and talk to these people that live out here and tell them what you are going to do,” said Brown.

Police continue to investigate both shootings. No arrests have been made.

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