Shelton police release surveillance video of gun store burglary

(WTNH / Josh Scheinblum)

SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Shelton police released surveillance video from a local gun store that shows the worst nightmare of anyone who sells firearms for a living. On the tape, a masked man breaches a business’ entrance and begins stealing weapons.

It happened at Valley Firearms in Shelton around 4:30 Tuesday morning. Police say the masked man was able to get in when he threw a brick through the glass front door. Investigators add they’re in the process of following potential leads, but the burglar’s identity at this time remains a mystery.

Roman Wolosyzn, owner of a photography establishment next door says he is shocked at how bold Tuesday’s crime was.

“I’m hoping people will get caught before any of those weapons get used locally or anywhere,” said Woloszyn.

For gun store owner Tommy Imperati of The Hunter’s Shop in Branford, it’s a situation he knows all too well. At one point during his 30 years of running his business, he had a gun stolen, one of many reasons he goes to great lengths to make sure the only people getting their hands on his guns are approved costumers.

“We have good bars and very good security cameras and you know we just try to cover all bases,” said Imperati.

The person who stole the weapons got a away with three semi-automatic hand guns and fled the scene on foot. Anyone with information is asked to call the Shelton Police Department at 203-924-1544.

Company officials with Valley Firearms declined to comment on the incident.

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