Authorities find at least one student responsible for Cromwell football hazing

CROMWELL, Conn. (WTNH) — One member of the Cromwell High School football team was issued a juvenile summons for breach of peace and hazing, police say.

“These kids think they can get away with certain things and they do,” said Cynthia Reynolds, a parent of Cromwell High school alumni.

According to police, the juvenile offender was walking around the team locker room with a belt as the team was getting ready for practice on August 25. An unknown team member turned out the lights and the offender struck four members of the football team with the belt. Police say an unidentified team member told the victims that “this never happened.”

The victims sustained minor injuries.

Police say the parents of two juveniles came to the Cromwell Police Department on August 25 to report the incident. Due to the ages and location of the incident, Cromwell Police turned the case over to the Cromwell High School Resource Officer, Officer Jason Tolton.

Officer Tolton conducted an investigation where he interviewed multiple people, including students. Officials say it appears that other members of the football team were actively involved in the incident, but due to conflicting statements, were unable to charge any other team members.

Not all, however, believe the account of events as police are telling them. Nathalie Sidorski told us she knows the accused well and thinks the story of what actually happened has been blown out of proportion.

“It’s like a telephone line, you take a story and that story goes from this to this and it’s wrong,” said Sidorski.

News 8 stopped by Cromwell High School to talk with parents about the situation but a school official, who identified herself at the athletic director, told us we had to leave school grounds.

This investigation is separate from any investigation conducted by the Cromwell Board of Education.

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