Racially-charged letter found on Bridgeport police cars

- FILE - Bridgeport police (WTNH)

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Bridgeport police are investigating after an officer found racially-charged letters on the windshield of cars early Sunday morning.

Police say the officer found the letter on his personal car and eight other cars, including police vehicles. They say the letter, which uses letterhead from Chief Joseph Gaudett, Jr. and alleges to be signed by Assistant Chief James Nardozzi, accuses the targeting of certain current and former Bridgeport police officers because of their race.

“I am disgusted that someone would make such a hateful statement and falsify my signature to the document,” Assistant Chief Nardozzi said in a press release.

The police department’s Office of Internal Affairs is conducting the investigation.

(Photo provided by the Bridgeport Police Dept.)
(Photo provided by the Bridgeport Police Dept.)

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