Former doctor to face competency hearing in murder case Friday

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A judge will hear from experts Friday about the mental state of man accused of killing a Yale doctor. Doctors have said Lishan Wang was mentally incompetent, but they also said that could change.

Friday’s hearing will help a judge decide if former doctor Lishan Wang is able to understand what’s going on in his murder case.

Wang is accused of going to the Branford home of a Yale doctor named Vijander Toor back in 2010. He allegedly shot at Doctor Toor and his pregnant wife. He missed the wife, but the doctor was hit and killed.

Police say Wang had a disagreement with Toor dating back to when they were both working at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in New York City. The 49 year-old Wang was ruled incompetent to stand trial, but psychiatrists said he might get better if he took anti-psychotic medication.

In a letter to the New Haven Register last month, Wang wrote that he is competent without medication, and if he were forced by the state to take mind-altering drugs, it would be – quote – “trial with medication and “Mental torture”.

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The question today is, can Wang now understand the court proceedings and help in his own defense. That’s especially important because Wang is insisting on acting as his own attorney.

There is some precedent for Judge Thomas O’Keefe to order Wang to be medicated. The judge already appointed a health care guardian for Wang, and appointed public defender Thomas Ullmann as his lawyer. You may remember Ullmann also defended Cheshire home invader Joshua Komisarjevsky.

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