Community reacts to Navin case

Kyle Navin (Photo: Connecticut State Police)

WESTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Joan Sundlof of Weston could not believe her longtime neighbors, Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin vanished in August.

“They said your neighbors are missing. I said my neighbors aren’t missing and when she told me I said, “Oh My God,” said Sundlof.

Neighbors said Jeanette Navin was a friendly person.

“Everyone liked her. It doesn’t matter when she was going by, she would always wave,” said Sundlof.

In Kyle Navin’s arrest warrant, investigators revealed the 27-year-old had a strained relationship with his parents. It goes on to say Kyle’s parents planned on cutting him out of their will.

Those who knew Jeanette Navin say they didn’t know anything was wrong.

“She was a valued member of the school staff and board and we would have been happy to have her still there. There was never a problem that any of us ever knew about, she was just a wonderful person,” said Janet Hoffman.

“She worked. She donated and the kids loved her,” said Sundlof.

“She would always know all the kids names. She would ask how the kids were who left the school now. She was there in dismissal saying goodbye to people she was just engaged with the kids and did a great job,” said Hoffman.

Locals say they are still in disbelief.

“Everybody has been wondering what’s been happening to her and hoping that it would turn out differently,” said Hoffman.

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