Yale students hold ‘March of Resilience’ Monday

Yale students at the March of Resilience Monday (WTNH/ Kevin Frederick)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–Thousands of students at Yale University gathered on Monday to call for an end to racism on campus. They came together in what was called the “March of Resilience,” meant to bring the community and students of all backgrounds together.

Chants were audible throughout the campus Monday afternoon, as hundreds yelled, “We out here. We been here. We ain’t leaving. We are loved.”

The march started at the African American Cultural Center on Park Street. They went by the other cultural centers, past the fraternities, and ended in the center of campus.

One organizer said to the crowd, they want “to make the institutions of higher learning in this country not just integrative but inclusive.”

On Halloween, a student wrote on Facebook that she was turned away from a party at Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SAE, because she was told it was for white girls only. The fraternity denies any discrimination.

“Really what’s at question here is the racial climate on campus,” said Eshe Sherley, a senior at Yale. “SAE is just one part of that. We could dispute what happened on that night forever, but what I think what’s important is that there is a consensus that that’s (SAE) not a safe space for us and the University needs to take that seriously,”

Students would like to see campus wide changes, such as “getting more support for ethnic studies, getting more faculty of color on campus, getting people of color in mental health and counseling system,” said Kathleen Calderon.

News 8’s Stephanie Simoni asked Yale president Peter Salovey what he plans on doing to improve race relations on campus.

“I had a very powerful meeting with students Thursday evening, and they talked about their life experiences,” Salovey said. “Their experiences at Yale. They told their story and I committed to them that we will work to make this the best Yale it can be.”

Salovey said he promised students that by Thanksgiving, he would bring some concrete ideas to the entire Yale community to try and improve race relations on campus.

#Yaleprotest – More video from the Yale student protest Monday afternoon. https://t.co/uz3SDyhbVG

— WTNH News 8 (@WTNH) November 9, 2015

Photo Gallery: Yale students hold March of Resilience

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