Connecticut Man accused of killing parents due in court Tuesday

Kyle Navin in court (WTNH)

(WTNH) — The man accused of killing his parents, as well as his girlfriend accused of conspiring with him, will both be back in court Tuesday.

Kyle Navin and Jennifer Valiante have both been behind bars for three weeks, ever since the bodies of Jeannette and Jeffrey Navin were found at a home in Westport.

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This was the case that had police searching the whole state for the missing Easton couple. Now, Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin’s own son is charged with their murder, and his girlfriend is charged with conspiring with him. Both were arraigned three weeks ago. Both make their first appearance in the next stage of court proceedings on Tuesday.

A series of strange text messages between Kyle and his father led them to search Kyle’s home. They found his mother’s blood in his truck, and his father’s blood in his house.

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Police think he shot his mother in the chest while she was in his pickup truck. They think Kyle may have shot his father in the basement of the Bridgeport home that his parents had bought for him.

Police say Kyle then wrapped up the bodies and dumped them in Weston, on a property he knew had been empty for years. That all happened in early August. Police spent close to three months looking all over the state for Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin. People doing work on that property in Weston finally found their bodies on October 29th.

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Text messages police found between Kyle Navin and his girfriend Jennifer Valiante show he was angry with his parents, calling them an “infection” he wanted to “wipe out.” He called it the “perfect plan” to get “money for life.”

He certainly needed money, because police say he was spending hundreds of dollars a day on his heroin addiction. Court documents show the Navins were planning on cutting Kyle out of their will because of his drug problem. They were deeply in debt anyway, so Kyle and Jennifer were never going to get “money for life” anyway.

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Valiante’s bail is set at $2 million on charges of conspiracy, and hindering prosecution. Navin’s bail is set at $2.5 million on two counts of murder with special circumstances.

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